Best and Worst 2016 Radar Detectors

Nowadays, most of the drivers choose to have in their car a radar detector, in case they want to exceed the speed limit and they do not want to get a fine. When choosing a device like this, it is very important to make sure you know how to get a quality product that will actually detect all police radars and speed cameras as well. Here are some of the best and worst 2016 radar detectors.

Best and Worst 2016 Radar Detectors Picture

Escort Passport Max 2

This is considered one of the best radar detectors available on the market these days, due to the fact that it is very accurate, and it also comes with GPS features that will allow you to drive safely at all times. Furthermore, Escort Passport Max 2 comes with a built-in database of speed camera locations, and a community threat-sharing app. This device is actually a lot more than just a radar detector, it is a threat-detector, as you will not only know when a traffic police officer is in your area, but you will also be informed about all the light and speed cameras. All in all, Escort Passport Max 2 is a device that you will absolutely love.

Best and Worst 2016 Radar Detectors Picture

Whistler CR90

This unit can detect with ease and accuracy the 3 radar bands used by the police all over the world. Furthermore, Whistler CR90 is also a laser radar detector. When the unit detects a radar signal, the blue LED display will actually let you know exactly how strong the signal is. Moreover, a voice alert will tell you the type of the detected signal. Some of the most important alerts that this device will provide you are the speed camera, the red-light camera, and the speed trap alerts as well. Overall, Whistler CR90 is a wonderful radar detector that any drive will absolutely love. Therefore, if you are looking for a similar product, than this model will definitely meet all your needs.

Best and Worst 2016 Radar Detectors Picture

Beltronics RX65

One of the weakest radar detectors available on the market nowadays is Beltronics RX65. The unit is not as accurate as the models presented above. It is true that it comes with a very simple interface that makes it extremely easy to use, but the device doesn’t include a map that can show you the red-light cameras nor the fixed cameras, which is without a doubt a huge disadvantage. Therefore, if you want to purchase a device of this type, make sure you do not choose this model. By knowing which are the best and the worst 2016 radar detectors, you will definitely make the right choice.