Best Infrared Heaters for Outdoor Spaces

When the cold weather comes, it’s impossible to sit outdoors without the help of an infrared heater. These devices create an efficient form of heat that can warm up any outdoor space like patios and outdoor kitchens. It pays to search thoroughly before buying an infrared heater so we advise you to have a look at the reviews on to see which model is the most affordable, efficient, and convenient for you. In your pursuit for a good infrared heater to warm an outdoor space, you can also check out the models below and see which one is worth your attention.
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Heat Storm Tradesman 1500W

For the small price of $120, you can add the Heat Storm Tradesman 1500W infrared heater to the outdoor space that you want to warm up when the bad weather comes. It’s an environmentally friendly solution to go with due to the fact that it’s electric. It’s weatherproof. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it in case it starts raining. In addition, it comes with a generous 3-year warranty that ensures the unit will be fixed or replaced in case anything happens to it during this period of time.
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Infratech Dual Element Electric WD4024SS

An outdoor infrared heater that is intended to be used for the patio is the Infratech Dual Element Electric WD4024SS. To buy it, you have to spend around $550. You can mount it up to 14-feet high on the wall or roof of the patio. The minimal design of this model makes it the ideal choice to go with if you want a heater that won’t get in your way. It converts up to 90% of energy into radiant heat. Since it is an electric heater, it doesn’t require refilling or a complicated installation. In addition, it comes with a control element that allows you to set the temperature level as low or as high as you prefer.
Best Infrared Heaters for Outdoor Spaces Picture

Versonel 1500W outdoor infrared heater

Last but not least on our list of best infrared heaters for outdoor spaces comes the Versonel 1500W model. You have to spend only $150 to buy it. It’s perfect for covered indoor and outdoor spaces. Therefore, you can use it indoor as well if you want. It comes with a wall/ceiling mounting bracket and a 6-foot cord. It has a generous lifespan of up to 10000 hours. The reflective heat that it produces makes it a safe and healthy option to go with because it doesn’t produce any fumes, odors, or chemicals. In addition, using it will help you save about 40% on electricity costs when compared to traditional heaters.