Features that Any Top Smart Lock Should Have

In the modern times that we live in, it’s easy to feel safe in your own home and not fear that you might be a victim of a break-in. Of course, for you to feel this safe when you’re at home, you must install certain security devices. The smart door lock is among the most important home security upgrades that you must make. But how can you be sure that the model you want to buy is actually a good investment? If you want to find out which are the features that any top smart door lock should have, read the following lines.
Features that Any Top Smart Lock Should Have Picture

Burglar deterrent alarm

The top of the line smart door locks feature alarms that go off when intruders are tempering with your door’s lock. This will surely scare the burglars away, and they will know to never try breaking into your house again. Also, in case this happens when you’re at home, you will get the chance to call the police in time for the intruder to not get away unpunished.

Remote access

By investing in a smart lock that features remote access, you will be able to lock and unlock the device with the use of your smartphone. When you’re away from home, this feature will especially come in handy. Also, the remote access feature allows you to add and remove guest keys. This way, you will be able to grant permanent or temporary access into your home to others.

Automatic lock

We have all forgotten to lock the door at one point in our lives. But if you have a top of the line smart door lock that features auto-lock, this won’t be an issue anymore. After a set amount of time, the smart lock will automatically lock in case you forgot to do it. Therefore, you won’t have to sit worried all day at work thinking if you locked the door or not.

Automatic unlock

The automatic unlock feature will make it more convenient for you to use the smart door lock. The lock will know when to automatically unlock because the lock’s mobile app will track the location of your smartphone. This way, as you approach your house, it will know that it’s time to unlock so that you can enter your home fast.

Allow the use of a traditional key

It might sound irrealistic that you would ever have big enough bad luck for both the battery of your smartphone and the battery of the smart door lock to get drained at the same time, but it’s entirely possible. Therefore, it’s important that the smart lock in which you invest to allow the use of a traditional key. This way, you won’t ever be in danger of getting stuck outside of your house.