Styling Tools that Protect Your Hair

With all the hair styling tools available on the market, you can easily achieve the most beautiful hair style on any hair type and straightening even the thickest hair or curling the softest one is no longer an issue. However, most hair styling products are based on heat that eventually damages the hair and takes away its natural health and glow, so you must only use styling tools that protect your hair, just like the ones below.
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Hot Tools Professional 1110 Curling Iron

This awesome styling tool comes in seven different plate sizes so you can use it for basically any hair length and style you want. You can choose from 3/8” to 2” and they all come at the same amazing price of $30. The curling iron reaches temperatures of up to 428F so you can adjust the heat according to your hair type. This means that fine hair won’t be treated at the same heat intensity as thick hair, which means more protection.
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Remington CI95AC/2 Tstudio Curling Wand

Extend your styling options with a styling wand that offer you gorgeous curls in just seconds. The tapered barrel measures 1” to 1/2” so you can get curls of various sizes on any hair length. This wand is made of quality materials and features ceramic pearl technology that offers a smooth salon-like aspect without causing the slightest damage to the hair. It heats up to 410F and you can choose the exact temperature you want for your hair and the unit will turn off automatically if you stop using it so it won’t overheat. At $25, this curling wand is a great value for the price.
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HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

For straightening your hair or creating delicate waves, try this flat iron that guarantees you will obtain the best styling results with no damage to the hair. The quality ceramic tourmaline ion plates ensure that the moisture is locked inside the hair so it won’t become frizzy and dull. You can choose from temperatures between 240F and 400F to suit any hair type and the 1-inch plates let you style your hair in endless ways. The $37 price tag adds to the convenience of this great flat iron.
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Bed Head Deep Waver

Achieve perfect waves on your long hair with this styler that shows extra care for your precious hair. The 3/4” tourmaline ceramic deep waver keeps your hair moist and protected from heat damage so the result will be a healthy and smooth hair with delicate waves. Once you are done with the unit and turn it off, it instantly recovers from the heat so you can store it away.