What Makes a Quality Air Purifier

Nowadays, the air purifiers are some popular items which remove impurities from the air in a room.
Usually, these filters have many benefits for asthmatics and allergy suffers. They can even reduce tobacco smoke.
In this article, we have gathered some information about what makes a quality air purifier.

Check an air purifier’s efficiency rating

You should know that plenty of air purifiers have an indicator that tells you when you should replace the filter to become more efficient. You must know that there are two types of air purifiers: room models which are heavily promoted, because you can move them from room to room, and whole-house types which are designed into the ductwork of a forced-air heating or cooling system. The whole house units will filter the air in your entire house. Also, if you want to know if it can eliminate a certain type of allergen such as pet dander, you need to check it’s ratings and see whether or not the chosen device is an effective air purifier for pets. Not all the products available out there are equally efficient in removing all the impurities existing in the indoor air.
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The filter type

If you are thinking about buying an air purifier, you should know that every filter has the same goal to
achieve and that’s to filter the air of pollen, odors, dust and other dangerous pollutants. Moreover,
cleaning the air requires a technology such as mechanical filtering, UV filtration, hybrid systems, ion
generators, and even electrostatic air cleaners. For example, one of the most famous filters is the Hepa
true filter which is guaranteed to remove 99.9% of pollutants.
What Makes a Quality Air Purifier2

Air change rate

The ACH provides you with information about how many times this device cleans the room’s air
during one hour. Moreover, if you want to buy an air purifier that has 5 ACH you should know the air
will be cleaned every twelve minutes. It’s important to know that ACH rate is calculated at the maximum room size and the rate at the maximum operating speed. On the other hand, if you want a quiet air purifier, get one whose capacity is 20-40% bigger than the recommended capacity for your room size and run it on a lower setting.
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CADR Ratings

This setting will show you how many cubic feet of the air the unit can filter in one minute. When you are buying an air purifier make sure you are looking for devices which have higher CADR ratings. If you buy one with insufficient ratings, you can move it around to get the air equally clean in all corners of the room. It’s recommended to choose a filter with some light indicators which will tell you when to clean or to replace your filters.